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Let's Go Job Hunting with Tsubaki Factory! Shuukatsu Sensation MV Review

Tsubaki Factory's second major single is off to a great start with this super funky-sounding Shuukatsu Sensation! I'll admit that when I first heard them, way back in their indies era, I wasn't so sure. Their electronic sound was so different from the other Hello! Project groups, and even though I'd wanted a group that didn't sound like a cut and paste of everyone else, I hadn't expected such a drastic change in genre. (I know, I know. But what can I say? I'm British, ergo I love to complain about everything, and that's what I'm sticking to.)

Consequently, this is the first thing of theirs I've heard since Seishun Manmannaka, and I'm pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it! It's such a bop, and I can't wait to hear the rest of the songs on their single! The music video also took me by surprise; I don't know where UFP suddenly found the money to spend on better looking MVs but I am CERTAINLY not complaining (I haven't been following H!P closely for two years haha). The girls look sharp and cute in their suits, and I'm also very impressed by how they can dance in those pencil skirts. That's such an achievement. I can barely walk in one. They dance en route, before, during and after their job interview. The lyrics sound motivational and inspirational as h*ck, PLUS there's even a cameo by  a certain former H!P member....

Sound intriguing? Well, let's watch the MV together!

No title cards for us! The MV jumps straight in with the girls assuming they already have the job, even though they are clearly in an interview room, facing a panel. I'm onto you, MV! *narrows eyes*

Oh, there it is! I was too busy enjoying the shot of the girls crossing the road. (I seriously geek out over Abbey Road nods because I am sad.)

This is the awkward part of the MV where the edit was made too early so you get a split second of the girls waiting to start dancing. But mostly I included it because I love how sophisticated my girl Kiki looks in her suit.

Also, I've just now realised that Tsubaki wasn't this big when I last saw them. When did they add new members?

What's that? Oh, nothing. I'm just crying because I will never look as poised as Kiki for any kind of photo. My hair will never be that sleek.

This is meant to be a 'career centre', according to the sign the MV showed a second ago. I call shenanigans because I have been in a British job centre and they don't look nearly as cheerful. And nobody dresses that smartly. This MV is selling me LIES!

God, is there NOTHING Kiki can't pull off? This is some seriously good side-eye.

Gee, I wonder who this is?

It's Sugaya Risako yaaaayyy!!!

... Course not! It's Kumai Yurina! Going from the look of mild surprise, she didn't hear her interviewees approaching. You should probably get your hearing checked, Yurina.

Yurina teaching our girls how to look like they still care ten years down the line, even if they hate each other's guts. Kiki is super interested. Look at Saori's smirk; she strikes me as someone who loves when people throw shade and spill tea. And Ami is copying off Risa and not making her own notes at all. There's always one, isn't there?

Finally, Tsubaki Factory have the big boss to impress before they find out if they've got the job or not.

What kind of job requires prospective candidates to perform a dance number as part of the interview? And how can I apply for such a job?

And we end with the girls dancing across the road again, which doesn't strike me as being very safe, even if the green man is showing. However, I can only assume they're in such high spirits because they got the job, so I'll let it slide this time.

Well, to say this is the first Hello Project video I've watched with the intention of reviewing it, I'm impressed! I'm also a little disappointed because the budget is a lot better than I've ever seen it so I can't make fun of any cheap effects/costumes, because there aren't any or they don't look as noticeable. Still! I hope UFP keep this up, and I also hope that when they next come into some money, they can perhaps hire a proper translator rather than parsing their lyrics through Bing.

Anyway, Shuukatsu Sensation/Waratte/Hana Moyou will be released on July 26th in 3 regular and 4 limited editions! Thanks for reading this review, and I hope you'll join me for the next one!
Love Aiko xo

Welcome to my (sort of) new blog!

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